Pocitos salt flat has a geological configuration similar to other known deposits located in continental basins with similar conditions identified in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The type of mineral deposit is in the brine hosted in aquifers connected to an endorheic basin, located in areas where evaporation rates exceed precipitation rates. This results in the precipitation of various types of salts on the surface of the salt flats.
Lithium, as well as other elements of economic interest, is presented as a dissolved element in brine.
The properties located further south have been explored by other companies, obtaining anomalous results of lithium and potassium at the surface, in addition to obtaining indications in geophysical studies that support the presence of brines and salts below the surface of the same area.
It is important to note that the geographical location of the project area and the available infrastructure are considered favorable, compared to other similar deposits located in the area.
Currently, Hanaq is processing with the authorities of the Province of Salta the relevant permits to carry out a surface exploration campaign to establish the best strategy to define the lithium potential in the area.

Location Map