Medical Campaign in Tolar Grande

From September 27 to 29 of this year, a Medical Campaign was carried out in the Community of Tolar Grande, thanks to the collaboration and coordination between the Ministry of Health of the Province of Salta, the company Hanacolla, First Quantum/Cuatro Elementos Consulting group, the Kolla Community of Tolar Grande and the local Municipality. This initiative seeks to address difficulties in accessing specialized medical care in the region due to geographic limitations.

The objective was to supply health care spaces for the residents in Tolar Grande by managing and articulating programs dependent on the Ministry of Health, achieving a strategic alliance between the public and private sector. 16 professionals from various medical specialities participated, meanwhile the inauguration of the Improvement and Expansion plan of the Tolar Grande Health Center, providing a significant boost to local medical care, was being released.

The campaign reached 388 medical consultations, in 15 hours of coverage, with a wide reach in Ophthalmology, Pediatrics and Cardiology. The age range of the patients was between 2 months and 82 years.

Both the mayor and the community coordinator collaborated with the broadcasting and publicly thanked the company for carrying out this activity.