Community Relations

In Hanaq Group’s Community Relations, our main objective is to develop social ties with interest groups in the areas that are directly or indirectly in the areas of the different projects where we operate.

These social ties are based on proactive and open communication, on the transparency of information, on respectful listening to cultural diversity, seeking the path towards intercultural strengthening so that sustainable development becomes a reality to be built.

The area seeks to work to improve the quality of life of local populations through strategic intervention guidelines: local employment, support for formal and non-formal education, mutual cooperation in the development of local suppliers, support for social events. relevant cultures, fluid and inclusive institutional communication, participation in environmental management and the creation of business networks that are operating in the same area of ​​influence, thus promoting constructive efforts.

Communication plays a key role in managing change, but it loses effectiveness if we do not convey a clear purpose and are consistent in all our actions.