Hanaq group is a company committed to caring for the environment, which works within the framework of responsible mining, tends towards continuous improvement in all its stages of operation and executes synergistic actions for the benefit of the community and its environment, complying with all the current environmental regulations applicable to each project in which it develops its activities.

We are proud of our team and we are aware that the key to successful environmental management is the sum of the individual efforts of the members that make up this company.


This important tool is part of our Environmental Management Plans, allowing us to have information on the state of the environment in which our activities are located.

It adopts the participatory characteristic since, in addition to the presence of the authorities, members of the community are included, who personally know the activities carried out in the different projects, the associated procedures and are active witnesses of the different samplings carried out. , giving transparency to work and creating bonds of trust between the company and the community.

The generation of information on the different environmental components associated with the activities of our projects allows us to evaluate the quality of the environment, the efficiency of our procedures and to be able to take the corresponding actions based on the results obtained.

Hanaq group complies with high quality standards for the execution of its environmental monitoring throughout all its investment projects.