Skin Campaing

We had a meeting with the representative of the Society of Dermatology of Jujuy and local mining companies to act jointly to run the Skin Campaign in 10 communities in Susques.

Four mining companies worked alongside the Society of Dermatology of Jujuy on a campaign that offered free medical attention in the Puna.

The Society of Dermatology of Jujuy, which has been running charity campaigns for 29 years in the province, once again paid visits to inhabitants of one of the most remote areas in Jujuy in order to offer them free medical attention.

This action was joined by the companies Hanaq Group Argentina SA, Allkem – Sales de Jujuy, Minera Exar and Litica Resources. Other collaborators included health agents as well as local health staff and staff from the Hospital of Susques. This activity was conducted under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of Jujuy.

Eleven professionals from Jujuy were in charge of paying visits and offering dermatologic assistance to communities of the department of Susques. The assisted patients, nearly half of them children, amounted to 243 during two days (21st and 22nd of Octuber) in the health centers of El Toro and Olaroz Chico and in the Hospital of Susques.   

Not only did they receive medical attention but also they were administered with medication and informed about how to prevent skin diseases.

Number of patients that received medical attention:

El Toro: 22 children and 20 adults

Olaroz: 27 children and 18 adults

Susques: 52 children and 95 adults