The first participatory environmental monitoring of the project Mina Aguiliri, located in Paso de Jama town, in the department of Susques, Province of Jujuy, was carried out in accordance with mining laws and environmental management last September before the mining activities started.

The company Hanaq Argentina invited the authorities of the Mining Office of the Province, the Department of Environmental Quality and the representatives of the community of Paso de Jama to participate in this monitoring. In addition, the company intended to make this activity transparent, so they hired an external consulting firm to carry out the monitoring in cooperation with a certified laboratory, both working to a very high standard.

As far as our environmental management plan concerns, the environmental monitoring was successfully conducted based upon the approved plan by the competent authority. The information gathered corresponds to the components of flora, fauna, land, water and air. The members of the community, the company, the consulting firm and the laboratory were present during the monitoring