OVERVIEW In the Central Puna, the most advanced geothermal project in development stage is the Tuzgle-Tocomar geothermal system (e.g. Coira, 1995; Sainato and Pomposiello, 1997; Giordano et al., 2013, Norini et al., 2014). Recently investigations (Filipovich et al., 2016, 2017a, 2017b, 2018; Giordano et al., 2016; Ahumada et al. 2017, 2019; Chiodi et al., 2019a),…

San Jorge

Overview TYPE OF PRODUCT OBTAINED FROM IT: Uranium DEPOSIT TYPE: Sandstone-hosted uranium deposits Uranium exploration in the San Jorge Gulf basin, Chubut province, began in the 1950s with the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA). Later, in the 2000s, other companies with foreign capital joined the CNEA in exploring this element, expanding the investigation at a…


OVERVIEW TYPE OF PRODUCT OBTAINED FROM IT: CaF2TYPE OF DEPOSIT: The vein-type Fluorite deposit is located in the area of the geological province of the North Patagonian Massif, where numerous fluorite manifestations are housed in volcanic rocks of Jurassic age, facing south, penetrating the Province of Chubut and forming a large mining district. This occurred…

Mining day

On May 7, the MINING DAY was celebrated in Argentina as a tribute to the first «Mining Promotion Law», which was sanctioned in 1813 by the Constituent Assembly, at the proposal of the Governing Board. We want to share the activities that were developed in commemoration of this day during the month. Lunch with part…


On December 7, the end of the year was celebrated with the Hanaq team, at the Sporting Club.A night that was reflected by the smiles of meeting again toasting to an even better 2022.We appreciate the participation of all our collaborators for this very profitable year.


We shared a recreational afternoon at the Raki Parque Aéreo complex, where the office and project staff had to overcome 5 levels of tree climbing, arena and zip line.In it, the values of teamwork, passion and commitment were reinforced.At the end of the activities, a snack was made to end the activity.

San Andrés

Overview The San Andrés project is located in the Puna de Jujuy, about 190 km from the capital city. Is located approximately 15 km from La Providencia Mine (next operation of Hanaq) and is accessed through a secondary road.San Andrés is a low to intermediate sulfidation deposit mainly containing Ag-Cu-Pb. The form of mineralization is…

Cerro Tinte

Overview Cerro Tinte is a low sulphidation epithermal deposit of Silver, Lead and Zinc composed from calcareous and pyroclastic rocks. It has banded structures reaching 3 meters of width with barite quartz and replacement zones by sulphides. Surface Geochemical results reached values of 357 gr/ton of Silver Gallery (Click to view full image) Location Map

Sierra de las Minas

Overview Sierra de Las Minas project is located approximately 800 km northwest of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and 450 km northeast of Santiago de Chile (Chile); exactly southeast of the Province of La Rioja (Argentina). The project has an extension of approximately 4000 hectares, which are divided into three exploration targets: El Abra, JV14 and Maestro…

Cerro Delta

Overview Cerro Delta is an Epithermal Deposit of High Au and Ag Sulphurization composed of granitic to porphyric rock instructed by dacitic dome, andesitic lavas and mafic dikes. It presents zones of Advanced Argilica alterations with central zones composed by structures with Qz-Vuggy with silica superimposition. Surface geochemical results reached values of up to 5.75 gr/Tn….