Precious Metals

Cerro Tinte

Overview Cerro Tinte is a low sulphidation epithermal deposit of Silver, Lead and Zinc composed from calcareous and pyroclastic rocks. It has banded structures reaching 3 meters of width with barite quartz and replacement zones by sulphides. Surface Geochemical results reached values of 357 gr/ton of Silver Gallery (Click to view full image) Location Map

Sierra de las Minas

Overview Sierra de Las Minas project is located approximately 800 km northwest of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and 450 km northeast of Santiago de Chile (Chile); exactly southeast of the Province of La Rioja (Argentina). The project has an extension of approximately 4000 hectares, which are divided into three exploration targets: El Abra, JV14 and Maestro…

Cerro Delta

Overview Cerro Delta is an Epithermal Deposit of High Au and Ag Sulphurization composed of granitic to porphyric rock instructed by dacitic dome, andesitic lavas and mafic dikes. It presents zones of Advanced Argilica alterations with central zones composed by structures with Qz-Vuggy with silica superimposition. Surface geochemical results reached values of up to 5.75 gr/Tn….


Overview La Providencia is an epithermal deposit of silver, lead, copper and zinc lodged in conglomerate sediments of quaternary (Conglomerate La Providencia, Peralta and Sureda, 1992. Pleistocene), which overlie tectonic contact with red sediments of Pastos Grandes group (Sijes Formation) of the Upper Tertiary. The latter rely on unconformity on the Ordovician pelites and wackes…